Kristy Kostelecky: Energetic Therapy / Life Mentor
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About the Practitioner

My name is Kristy Kostelecky.  I work with energy to help individuals heal themselves.

Due to illness caused by mercury toxicity, I entered the healing field with a Reiki certification to work on myself.  Friends and co-workers started to ask for help with issues.  A dear friend stated “you have to do something with this” after I helped during her pregnancy.  And the rest is history-see the Continuing Education list for my professional training.   I have studied with many gifted ‘lightworkers’ that have helped me refine my intuitive gifts such as chakra balancing, body/soul messages for healing, clearing toxic auric fields, emotional release, releasing attachments, etc.

I have utilized my abilities and training to help others changes their lives-I am in awe of God’s miracles that have taken place in my clients.  When asked at an early age, “What is your purpose in life?”  I answered “ I am here to serve”.  I did not know what that meant at the time, it was just a feeling.  It has come to realization!  I love my life.  Let me help with your life, too!

Whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, your healing can be accelerated beyond your expectations.  I also aid other healers on their journey.  We all are changing our minds, and changing our lives.  Are you ready?


My training has been facilitated under notable teachers such as: 

Please check out my education page for official training.  I have been blessed to be able to study with many great healers that have helped me refine my intuitive skills.  This is a short list of many wonderful people:

Clearing the energy fields, allows accelerated healing and spiritual growth.  Extraordinary healing can occur.  This energy spreads to areas that will most benefit the receiver.  This can be physical, mental, and/or spiritual healing.



Based in the Sedona & Prescott, AZ area

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